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The heart of a computer is now the network connection

July 1, 2013
Back in the 90s, the heart of a computer was the CPU. The faster the CPU, the better the computer was–you could do more, and the speed of the CPU directly affected your productivity. People upgraded their computers or bought new ones whenever they could to take advantage of faster CPU speeds. I remember the point when computers got “fast enough” though. Around 1997 or 1998, computers started hitting 166 MHz or 200 MHz and you could feel the returns diminishing. At some point, ... read more

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Checked-in at Morrisons
@UKTesco not interested in running around for it. I'm sure this is a banned practice under consumer law http://t.co/nIGMUTsf
@UKTesco Free Kleenex Shine Aborbing 50 Sheets. My local Tesco gave me the voucher but does not stock the product
@MartinSLewis just got a voucher from an in store offer at @UKTesco for a product they don't even stock. Any advice?
Failure for @RedBullStratos and @Akamai as they are unable to keep the Red Bull Stratos site working http://t.co/J2f1Cnhv #fail